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Empowering people to be the gift is Bert Hidding, founder of Givvted, his way of being the gift.

GIVVTED: Hey Bert, can you tell us something about yourself and your journey?

My name is Bert but my friends call me B. 

I am on a mission, a mission that started a few years ago. I had a beautiful family, a great job, and a beautiful house. But still I was not feeling fulfilled. I was experiencing a lot of stress. My life was being determined by pressure from my job and other social obligations.  A lot of my dreams were based on social media and expectations from the people around me. I realized that I wanted to go back to what I did as a child: live from the inside-out.


Is this where your journey began?

My journey of change began with the right coach and mentors around me. They helped me reconnect with my values, beliefs and dreams.

They challenged me in analysing and changing my thoughts, which was an important gamechanger. Many of them were negative and based on what others might think of me.

Another important change was my daily habits. I started journaling, meditation, creating a vision board, being selective on what I consumed and aligning my daily goals with my dreams.    

This gave me the courage to follow my dreams. 

It also gave me a deeper understanding of who I am: valuable, unique, talented and a leader. Since then, it became my belief that everyone on this earth is valuable, unique, talented and a leader. That belief is the core of Givvted. 


Was this an easy journey for you?

It was (and still is) a journey with ups-and-downs but it was the best choice I have ever made. I experience true fulfilment by becoming the best version I can be and sharing my talents and passion to create a positive impact. 

It’s the fulfilment that gives me the strength to get back on track in the ‘down’ situations. 


What happened when you got home from your journey?

I found a way of living my life, a lifestyle, I call this the Givvted lifestyle.

Coming home from this journey is actually the beginning of a lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Becoming the best version of myself, following my dreams and sharing my talents and passion to impact the world.


What is your mission?

During my journey I noticed in conversations with others that so many people recognized themselves in this situation. That for me was the reason to come up with a solution, also for the next generations. Everyone has talents to share with the world. Everyone is Givvted.

I am convinced that if people from this and the next generations take the step to live by the Givvted lifestyle, together we make the world a better place. That is my mission.

Why would people need Givvted? 

We empower people to live a lifestyle, we call: Givvted lifestyle.

Becoming the best version of you, following your dreams and sharing your talents and passion to impact the world.

The positive impact will create a ripple effect for this generation and generations to come.

Everyone has something unique to offer, therefore we need you to be the gift.

Together we’re creating the best version of this amazing world.


Unfortunately, many talents are buried under stress, insecurities, limited beliefs and distractions like social media.

We wear ‘masks’ in order to fit in, often driven by fear of rejection.

Many people feel that life is a race and that we need all our energy to keep up.

We don’t lead ourselves into our purpose and dreams, but follow the path of the least resistance.


Givvted is for the brave, who dare to take on the challenge to start living a lifestyle that will lead them into their purpose and impact the world.

It’s for anyone who understands that you have the power to create your future and who is willing to invest in their personal growth.


Through our coaching and gift products we help you rediscover who you are and (re)activate your gifts.

Givvted is here for you, because the world needs you. The world needs your gift


Where do you see Givvted in 5 years and what goals would you like to have reached by then?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

‘Together ’is how we want to build Givvted.

The mission to empower people to ‘be the gift’ is bigger than us.

The goal is to build great partnerships with partners who are gifted in their field of expertise. 

That we have a group of amazing Givvted coaches that are daily impacting and changing lives.

Above all, I hope that we’ve created a movement, a community, with leaders who are developing themselves and are impacting the world.

How can others join this journey?

I invite you to lead with us. 

You can do this by starting Givvted coaching and/or by letting someone know that you value them with our Givvted products. You can also give one of our products to yourself as a reminder that you choose to live the Givvted lifestyle.   

Whatever you choose, remember: you are valuable, talented, unique and a leader.

You are Givvted.

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