My name is Splinter (’82), I live in Amsterdam with my family. After I finished my masters in Psychology I have had commercial jobs for over 10 years. 6 years ago I started coaching teams and individuals next to my commercial role. This gave me so much  joy and fulfilment that two years ago I decided to make coaching my full time job. Now I work as a business coach & trainer at bol.com. My job is to help teams work more effectively together and I help individuals to find their personal motives and purpose.

I consider myself an open minded person. Very curious and always exploring. Besides that I would say my attempt of being non-judgmental is quiet effective. For over 10 year I’ve been all-in on personal development. In my spare time I’m either taking good care of myself – both mentally and physically – or reading and listening about personal growth.


I strongly believe that being yourself, with all your curiosities, is essential to be content about- and fulfilled in life. This journey of becoming aware and accepting your authentic self is what we will explore together. You will see me asking questions to dig deeper. You will get small assignments. Together we will form small experiments and habits to try for a short period. Since everyone is different, my approach will be personal as well.


Dutch and English


“Events are neutral” it’s all about how you react.  (Stoic philosophy)


Splinter creates an open and pleasant atmosphere. He feels and picks the right moments to dig deeper

I followed Splinter’s advice and started with a small, not too challenging, experiment. This really worked for me, I think it wouldn’t work for me if we started with long analysis and long conversations. This approach ultimately led to a long-lasting behavior change and it motivated me to add new habits.

Splinter was really respectful with me and at the same time he asked some tough questions, which really helped. His communication is very clear, he is able to explain things in a simple way.