My name is Kristyna, I’m 41 years old and I live in Haarlem with my family. I have always been involved in personal growth and I invest a lot of time and effort in my own development.

I have been working as a HRD professional and coach for over 20 years now. I help ambitious professionals with their personal development by looking holistically at the organization of their work and life. All aimed at a focus on more balance. By looking at your situation slightly differently, with a creative approach, I encourage you to see opportunities and possibilities. Together we design your development and your route. In the end you will discover your own unique way of adding value.

I am a maximizer. I always focus on transforming something good into something fantastic. In addition, I consciously use my sensitivity as a strength. You will definitely notice this as a coachee, because my aim is to always pay attention to what feels right for you.


 Everybody has their own unique combination of talents and that is exactly what makes you so unique and special.

As a coach I help you unravel your (help) question, I will give you insight and I stimulate you to look at your situation differently. My approach is accessible, activating, positive, creative and suitable for anyone who values progress.




“Remember that your greatest talent is so much more powerful than your biggest fear”.


Kristyna has good (professional) knowledge and knows how to ask good questions to make you actively think and to slowly let you walk your own path. I experienced the conversations I had with her as meaningful, very pleasant and instructive.


I would recommend Kristyna to several people to discover and develop their talents and skills. She asks questions that you have to think about longer, with the result of getting to your own inner core. Caring and decisive. She believes in you ánd your abilities.


Kristyna is very involved and genuinely likes to think about the possibilities. She cited various tools that I can use in the future. She is collaborative, empathetic and proactive. I have gained self-insight. The tools she has provided are a great way to move forward on your own.