We add value to your gift by investing into activating the gift of someone else. Gift For A Gift. Everything we do is because we, as social entrepreneurs, are driven by the purpose of impacting the world through the personal growth of humanity. By impacting the next generation of leaders, we are creating a better world.

We’ve partnered with Favela United to build up the next generation of leaders. Favela United is a community-based youth empowerment organisation which uses the transformational power of football to drive social change inside marginalized communities of Mozambique. The Favela United program reinforces the general knowledge, skills and self-confidence of the participating children, so that boys and girls in Mozambique can be champions of their own destiny.

Gift for a Gift:

One month of coaching = One month coaching for the next generation leaders in Mozambique.

One Gift activation product = One Gift activation award for the next generation leaders in Mozambique.

For more about Favela United check out their website