Givvted coaching is a new way of personal coaching:

+ Choose your Givvted coach
+ Choose your style: chat, video(OR ) call or a combination
+ Choose your language: Dutch or English
+ Combine personal growth with impacting the world
+ Double your impact: with each coaching session a coaching session will be offered to the youth in Mozambique: Gift for a Gift.

This is for you if:

  • You want to become the best version of you and perform on a high level
  • You feel rushed through life and want to reconnect with your talents, values and dreams 
  • You know there is more in life and desire lasting life changes
  • You have the desire to impact the world in your own unique way
  • You have a dream, but never take action upon this 
  • You want to get to know yourself better to understand your true values and uniqueness in this world.  

This is not for you if:

  • You expect that this will take no effort, stamina and honesty towards yourself
  • You don’t have the desire to share your talents and passion to create a positive impact
  • You want to become a multi millionaire just by signing up
  • You see this as a replacement for a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor

Our unique method is focused
on lasting change and impact:


  • You know why you are valuable
  • You know your values
  • You know what your limited beliefs are and you can turn them into transformational beliefs


  • You know what talents are
  • You know how to recognize your talents
  • You know how to share them to impact the world


  • You know what makes you unique and you’ve created a vision for your life
  • You start working on your vision, both in your mind and by taking action


  • You will start leading yourself towards your vision
  • You start leading and high performing within your strengths and talents
  • You start to translate your dreams into reality

Start your Givvted lifestyle in just 4 steps

Choose your coach

All coaches are great and unique. Choose the coach that you prefer.

Choose your membership

Choose your preferred frequency and coaching method

Sign up

Fill out your information and finish the sign up

Start your journey

Your coach will contact you within 48 hours.


We pre-selected great coaches for you.All our coaches are experienced coaches and deliver Givvted quality coaching and results.They all work with the E-course, Givvted method and the online coaching app.We do believe that a fit with your Givvted coach is personal, so we let you choose.The coaches are unique because of their: talents, background, life experience, coaching style and gender.Read more about the coach below and if any questions, we are happy to answer them!


Bi-weekly chat coaching sessions
€35(€8 per week)
  • Givvted E-course
  • Double impact through our Gift for a Gift program.


Monthly 1 video call and 3 chat coaching sessions
€ 125 (29 euro per week)
  • Givvted E-course
  • Double impact through our Gift for a Gift program