Givvted was founded in June 2021 by Bert Hidding. He turned his personal passion and mission into a business for good, Givvted.

My personal ‘why’:

Empower people to be the gift, that is my way of being the gift.I want to lead by example for my daughters and everyone else who comes on my path, for this generation and the next generations.  

Read more about his story here.


Vision: Create a world where everyone is being the gift.

Mission: Empower people to be the gift.



  • We do this by being:
  • Impact driven
  • Passionate
  • Diverse
  • Innovative
  • Transparent
  • Conscious leaders
  • Thriving for greatness
  • Finding sustainable solutions


  • Everyone is Givvted: Valuable, Gifted, Unique and a leader.
  • Following your dreams, while being your authentic self and using your talents, passion and life experience to create a positive impact. That’s a lifestyle. We call this lifestyle: BE THE GIFT.
  • It’s a lifestyle where you will find the most inner peace and happiness for yourself, and through this you create the greatest positive impact in this world.
  • It’s a positive impact that will last, for this generation and the next generations.
  • The world where everyone is being the gift, is the best version of the world that we can create as human kind.

Our team

Our partners

Our ambassadors

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